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Welcome to the first step in your magical transformation! Abra Hustle offers you the unique opportunity to explore the enchanting world of magic, guided by none other than the renowned magician, Tim Wise.

Begin with an entry consultation to tailor your magical experience to your personal goals and aspirations.

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  • Customized Learning Path: Discuss your interests, experience level, and what you hope to achieve with your magical journey

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What You’ll Do Before the Call

To maximize the value of your upcoming consultation, please have a clear idea of your current skill level and your goals in magic. Think about any specific magic styles or tricks that intrigue you, and jot down any questions you may have for us. This will ensure a focused and productive discussion. We look forward to unlocking the magic with you!

What to expect in your 15 minute exploration call.

In your complimentary 15-minute exploration call, we'll dive into your magical interests and aspirations. We'll discuss your experience level, the types of magic that fascinate you, and outline how Abra Hustle can enhance and develop your skills. This session is designed to give you a taste of the magic journey ahead and how it can be tailored to your unique path. Get ready to step into a world where your magical dreams can become reality!

What Changes After Exploration Call

Following your exploration call, you'll have a clear direction for your magical journey with Abra Hustle. Expect to receive a personalized recommendation based on your interests and skill level, along with an exclusive offer to learn directly from Tim Wise. This tailored approach ensures you embark on a path that's not just about learning tricks, but about unlocking your potential and experiencing the true art of magic under expert guidance. Get ready for an enchanting adventure with Abra Hustle!

Who is TIM WISE?

Listen to Master Magician Jeff McBride

About Tim Wise

Welcome to the enchanting world of Tim Wise, a master magician whose life is as captivating as his performances. Working in the glittering city of Las Vegas, Tim has mesmerized audiences with his unique blend of magic and storytelling.

From his early days as a daring teenager who left school to join magician Dennis Loomis on tour, Tim's journey in magic has been nothing short of extraordinary. His adventures led him to work alongside the legendary David Copperfield, Jeff McBride, Criss Angel, Siegfried and Roy, Steve Dacri, Amazin Jonathan

Tim's talents extend beyond the stage. He is a pioneer in integrating 3-D printing technology into the realm of magic, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in illusion and design. His role as the host of Jeff McBride's "Wonderground" showcases his versatility and passion for the art of magic.

Perhaps one of his most remarkable transformations was becoming "The Genie", a persona that resonates with his deep understanding and love for the mystical arts. This transformation, guided by the influence of Jeff McBride, marks a significant milestone in his illustrious career.

Join Tim Wise on a journey through a world where magic is not just an act, but a way of life. Discover the stories, the illusions, and the wonder that make Tim one of the most captivating magicians of our time.




"I bought a saxaphone to have something else to to do. I met Tim. I learned one trick from him, and now I know more than 5. Word. I sold my saxaphone! Magic and The ABRA HUSTLE. You can learn like I did, book your appointment, create SMILES, change your life and those around you, with no noise, lol"

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